The Organized Home for New Parents


The Organized Home for New Parents 

If you’re a new parent wondering how to safely set up and organize your house for your baby’s first years, don’t worry: mom of 3 and organizing expert Ría Safford is here to help.

With 3 young kids and a busy small business to run, Ría Safford knows that life as a new parent can often feel like “crazytown bananaland.” That’s why she hunkered down and developed systems to declutter and help new parents across everywhere reduce stress and prepare their homes for their growing families with kids ages 0-2.

In The Organized Home for New Parents, Ría will teach you:
 How to organize your baby or toddler’s spaces
 How to create systems for shared spaces to make activities like breastfeeding and food prep more manageable
 How to prepare for travel, vacation, and life on the go 
 Hacks for tackling the growing pile of laundry throughout the week
 How to juggle the important stuff so you can keep track of your family’s schedule
 Tips for bringing peace to your personal spaces
 How to build good habits to regularly reset your spaces as your child grows

The perfect baby shower present or gift for new moms and dads, The Organized Home for New Parents will help you get through this hectic season of life and create a safe, comfortable, and organized home for your growing family.